Flying Foxes in Focus

While the Black-headed and Grey-headed species of Flying Fox share similarities in habitat and behaviour, their conservation statuses underline the urgent need for targeted conservation efforts. The Grey-headed Flying Fox is classified as “Vulnerable” on the NSW Threatened Species List, attributed to a significant decline in its population due to habitat loss, climate change, and […]

Wildlife hospitals are critical for the survival of Australian native animals

Photo: Peter Frare Australia has some of the world’s most unique and diverse wildlife.  Among approximately 2.16 million described animal species from a total world species population of 8.7 million, it is estimated that Australia has a total animal species population of 570,000.  Kangaroos, emus, platypuses, echidnas, cockatoos, kookaburras, koalas, wombats, dolphins, whales, snakes, lizards, […]

Aquila the Wedge-tailed eagle has returned to the skies

A Wedge-tailed eagle patient being treated by wildlife vets

“It takes a village to raise a child.” (Nigerian/Kenyan proverb) Saving wildlife is a collaborative effort requiring care, compassion, skill and teamwork. ‘Aquila’ is a young Wedge-tailed eagle patient of Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. She was rescued weak and underweight in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales by Melanie Barsony, a WIRES wildlife rehabilitator, […]

Mother’s Day Love for this orphaned Pademelon

Sometimes a mother’s love is found in unexpected places. Melon is an orphaned Pademelon joey, whose mother was killed after having been hit by a car. A caring and astute member of the public checked the mother’s pouch to find Melon alive. She was presented to Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, where she received expert treatment […]

After a year in care, Hot Dog the Green sea turtle returns to his ocean home

a veterinarian holding a Green sea turtle

In 2022 Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital treated 194 threatened species patients. 56% of these were returned to their carer or recorded as released into the wild. Among the patients we’ve treated and returned to care are Green sea turtles, classified as vulnerable in New South Wales. We are delighted to share this inspirational video of […]

The Fine Art of Imping An Owl

Imping donor feathers to injured birds is a real art. The practice involves joining a donor feather to the shaft of a broken feather with wooden dowels and glue. When the bird moults, the donor feathers fall out. The donor feathers have to be the right size, and the dowels shaved to fit precisely inside the […]

Wildlife to receive veterinary care seven days a week

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital | About us

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital has increased its operating hours to seven days a week to extend expert veterinary care for injured, sick, and orphaned native animals. “Critically injured wildlife can’t wait until the next business day to receive medical treatment for injuries and illness,” said Foundation Veterinarian Dr Bree Talbot. “They commonly present with injuries from impact […]

Southern Cross Credit put their money where their heart is

We’re thrilled to announce a 3-year partnership with Southern Cross Credit Union. “It is important for Southern Cross Credit Union to get involved in the projects that matter to those in our community, “ said SCCU CEO Stewart Edwards during a recent visit, pictured above at left with Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital Founder and CEO Dr Stephen Van Mil. […]