Wildlife to receive veterinary care seven days a week

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Vet Nurse Louise Napoli and Foundation Veterinarian Dr Bree Talbot with two wallaby patients.

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital has increased its operating hours to seven days a week to extend expert veterinary care for injured, sick, and orphaned native animals.
“Critically injured wildlife can’t wait until the next business day to receive medical treatment for injuries and illness,” said Foundation Veterinarian Dr Bree Talbot.
“They commonly present with injuries from impact collisions with cars, feral pest and domestic pet attacks, so it is incumbent on humans to provide a service to help them recover. It’s sad that the volume of patients is growing but we’re happy to be able to extend our service, thanks to the support of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).”

“To give our wildlife the best chances of survival, we need to ensure they have access to immediate and specialised treatment, which is why IFAW is committed to building veterinary capacity together with Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital,’ said IFAW Animal Rescue Officer Robert Leach.  
“By supporting this critical lifesaving work, we are giving animals a second chance at life back in the wild, where they belong.”
“IFAW believes every individual animal matters and by extending this vet service we are helping to ensure injured animals receive the care they need – no matter the day of the week.”
“It has always been our mission to operate seven days a week, and in time provide 24/7 veterinary care,” said Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital Founder and CEO Dr Stephen Van Mil.
“Wildlife face peril every single day, from catastrophic bushfires and floods to habitat loss, being hit by cars and other human-induced impacts. With people returning to pre-COVID travel patterns, the potential for negative anthropogenic impacts on wildlife is greater. Equally, there is greater capacity for people who care about wildlife to make a difference.”
Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital’s operating hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and
Saturday and Sunday 9am – 1:30pm. Members of the public and licensed wildlife carers can bring injured and sick native animals to the hospital for immediate care, free of charge.

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