Aquila the Wedge-tailed eagle has returned to the skies

“It takes a village to raise a child.” (Nigerian/Kenyan proverb)

Saving wildlife is a collaborative effort requiring care, compassion, skill and teamwork.

‘Aquila’ is a young Wedge-tailed eagle patient of Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. She was rescued weak and underweight in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales by Melanie Barsony, a WIRES wildlife rehabilitator, and one of Australia’s leading raptor specialists. Wedge-tailed eagles are the largest birds of prey in Australia. Their power, beauty and aerial athleticism are inspirational.

After a full medical examination at Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital blood tests, a period of follow-up care, and Vitamin B injections to help with her cellular metabolism, Aquila was deemed fit for release.

The release of wildlife is a profound moment, highlighting the crucial teamwork among wildlife rescue organisations, experienced rehabilitators like Melanie and veterinary experts like our Head Vet Dr Bree Talbot and her team. Together, their collective expertise ensures the best chance for remarkable native animals like Aquila to thrive once reintroduced to the wild. 

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