We need urgent help to keep saving wildlife

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, the only all-species wildlife hospital in NSW outside of Taronga Wildlife Hospitals, is facing possible closure because the NSW government has revoked a $6 million, four-year funding grant to support us in creating positive welfare outcomes for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife through treatment, rehabilitation and community education. Why? Because apparently, our work isn’t value for money. While we help native animals survive, $6 million has been quietly snatched away by the government, leaving our hospital fighting for its own survival.

We need you to rally around us so we can continue our lifesaving work for the wildlife. You can help by doing any of the following:

  1. Write to the Minister for Environment appealing to her to reconsider her decision and allocate at least some, if not all of the funding that was reserved for us and subsequently announced. You can download and use this sample letter, or write your own. Please send this to the Ministerial address or email address provided, along with copies to the elected representatives listed.
  2. Make a tax-deductible donation to Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital.
  3. Sign our petition to ask the NSW government to provide vital emergency funding to our wildlife hospital.
  4. Share this with someone you know that would like to help us.

Main photo: Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital vets assist in a multi-agency rescue attempt on a stranded humpback whale. Image credit: Craig Parry Photography.

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