Wildlife Rescue Pack - Contents Unpacked

Wildlife car rescue kit

These veterinary-endorsed wildlife car rescue kits include essential items and a usage guide packed in a lightweight, core flute carry cage to enable you to rescue injured native wildlife from roads and other situations. Their portable size ensures they are ideally stored in car boots or hatches. Usage guidelines contain critical information about different species to help you assist an animal in need where it is safe to do so. This includes knowing when to seek assistance and further advice before acting.  A QR code links to the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Wildlife Rescue App to locate the nearest wildlife rescue group or veterinary hospital. The contents include: Carry cage*, Towel, Scissors, Pliers, Headtorch, Gloves, Hi Vis Vest, Pillowcase, Sanitiser, Notepad and Pen. Proudly supported and funded by the NRMA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.  *Design and materials subject to change/ availability.   **For orders greater than 5 kits please contact us for a quote on shipping**


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