James D Morgan - Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital Ambassador

James D Morgan

Creative Director and Photographic Consultant for Getty Images.

James Morgan’s career spanning 35 years as a professional photographer started at the young age of sixteen working with the UK’s Times newspapers, where he captured some of the most important news and cultural events of the decade: Thatcher, Reagan, Gorbachev, Princess Diana, the IRA and Pan Am 747 Lockerbie bombings, the Cannes Film Festival, the opening of ‘Phantom of The Opera’ on Broadway, Milan & New York Fashion Week, to name but a few.

As Chief Photographer to the Walt Disney Company based in Paris, James advised Disney’s management team on image selection across its global portfolio, including the launch of Animal Kingdom in Florida. With a solid background of photographic, journalistic and public relations work he established the James Morgan Photographic Consultancy, in London and also in Sydney, Australia. Perhaps James work on the Animal Kingdom has fuelled his passion as a Wildlife Ambassador for Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital; James is a good friend of our veterinary team, helping share our vital work with the world through Getty Images.