Dr Chantal Whitten

Associate Veterinarian

Dr Chantal is the Associate Veterinarian at Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. Her career with wildlife started as a zookeeper at Taronga Zoo in the early 90’s in the bird department. A highlight was being part of the team that collected Regent Honeyeater nestlings from the wild, hand raising them to become the founder group for the current Regent Honeyeater Recovery Program. She did a 12-month sabbatical at Healesville Sanctuary and spent time working with the Helmeted Honeyeater in situ and ex situ facilities and the Orange Bellied Parrot first ex situ facility.

In 2016 she started a position as Senior Veterinarian at Mogo Zoo (now Mogo Wildlife Park). In 2020 she established a mobile veterinary service At Home Veterinary Care and WildVets Zoo and Wildlife Consultancy. During this time, she was contracted to Sydney Zoo as Manager of Veterinary Services.
Dr Chantal is passionate about wildlife medicine and about the plight of so many of our native species due to loss of habitat and climate change. She feels very privileged to be part of the veterinary team at BBWH working to save our species and rehabilitate them with the help of the amazing wildlife carers of Northern NSW.