Dr Bree Talbot

Foundation Veterinarian

Dr Bree Talbot graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2010. After graduation, Bree worked in a variety of practices before undertaking a position as clinical registrar at the University of Sydney’s Avian Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital. Within this position, Bree worked with a variety of species including koalas, wombats, venomous snakes and many species of birds in addition to rabbits, ferrets and turtles. In 2014, Bree became a member of the Australian and New College of Veterinary Scientists via examination in Unusual Pet Medicine and Surgery. After six years in this teaching position, Dr Bree became the foundation veterinarian at the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. Bree has contributed to many government related veterinary documents on the initial treatment and care of rescued wildlife in Australia as well as participated in disease risk analysis for threatened species such as the Koala. Dr Bree is passionate about Australia’s wildlife and giving them the best chance of survival in the wild and has a particular soft spot for koalas. When not at work, Bree is kept busy other her three young children.