It’s Wildlife Week, and we are campaigning for wildlife in crisis

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital is campaigning to raise awareness of the onslaught of threats wildlife face – natural disasters, pollution, ecological damage, traffic, disease, domestic stock overgrazing, domestic pets, over-development and habitat loss- every day.

From National Wildlife Day 22 February) through to World Wildlife Day (3 March) we need to raise $215,000 in donations to continue to provide full-time veterinary services for wildlife, free of charge.

Wildlife are in crisis every day, not just during bushfires.

In early 2021, Donnie, an orphaned koala was rescued by a dedicated wildlife carer. He was found alongside his mother, who had been trampled to death by cattle. He was admitted as a patient of Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. Despite a coordinated effort by wildlife rescuers, volunteer firefighters and our veterinary team to treat Donnie and get him back into the wild, Donnie passed away. 

His story is a sad reality. But we need to honour Donnie’s life. If you’d like to help by making a tax-deductible donation, you can do so here.

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