Australian flood disaster: What to do if you find injured or distressed wildlife

In the aftermath of the past week’s storms and heavy rainfall, the devastation from flood emergencies in New South Wales and southern Queensland will become apparent. Reports are emerging of ground-dwelling animals such as echidnas and wombats trapped underground, marine species swept off course or beached, aquatic species affected by swollen waterways, and marsupials and reptiles caught in stormwater drains or hit by cars.

Be alert to the perils facing wildlife as recovery efforts are underway. If you discover an injured or distress native animal, contact your local wildlife rescue groups such as WIRES or Australian Seabird Rescue for advice and rescue assistance. Where safe to do so, you can secure injured or distressed animals in a towel or box and follow advice from wildlife rescue groups.

If you are in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, you can call Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital ahead of time on +61 437 818 883 or come directly to us at 216 Ewingsdale Road for wildlife assessment and treatment.

Please contact us if you have any news about large numbers of injured, stranded or otherwise distressed native wildlife as we are equipped to facilitate an emergency response to a crisis.

The bird in the above video is a Providence petrel. It was washed ashore at Tallows Beach in Byron Bay NSW and rescued by Australian Seabird Rescue who presented the bird to Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital for assessment and treatment.

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