Give it Away


We love wildlife and we love wild music!

Winner Announced!

Thanks to our friends at Live Nation, we got to “give it away” #forthewildife in the form of tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers live during their current Australian tour.” 

We were overwhelmed with amazing entries from people across Australia. The entries reflected an incredible diversity of wildlife as spirit animals, and there were some hilarious and creative comments about what people were prepared to “give away”. (Seriously, giving away your partner and kids is kind of extreme! 😆) There can only be one winner however, and there was one entry  that all of our judges shortlisted independently. 

Drum roll please…. our lucky winner is….. Gable Jervis from Sydney! 

Here’s what he had to say:

Australian SEA EAGLE IS ME ! 

I would give away my FENDER STRAT MY DRUMS and my WHOLE HOUSE , CAR , HARLEY everything but my dog Mr FLEA Shneeblee . 

I have 3 RHCP tattoos and am actually the Number 1% top lister to RHCP on Spotify in Australia . 


Here’s Gabe’s reaction upon learning he had won…


 Thank you soooo so very much for this amazing opportunity to see my favourite band of all time . 

I’m shocked and you have really made my world! I’m so lucky! 

I’v always loved sea eagles as that is the animal I would love to be . 

They are just an amazing, elegant animal and to watch them in nature is something many people don’t get to see which I don’t take for granted . 

I live right on a National Park located behind my house and the ocean in the front so Australian wildlife is my life . There are two sea eagles nested at the back of my house that always circle and hover around me (I think they are circling my pug Mr Flea Shneeblee..😅

I’m constantly hiking and finding more wildlife every walk I go on. Anything I can do to help our wildlife in any way is always a necessity . 

I am so happy and grateful for this wonderful gift from all of you at Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary I can’t thank you enough. 😁⭐️🎸🥁 🎤